Mixed media: Note to self!

So I think I can officially say I’ve gone nuts mixed media-ing over everything and anything I can lay my hands on. Last weekend I was rummaging through some old boxes and found this funky orange hardback notebook (had probably bought during my “I was to collect notebooks” phase). The cover was dry brushed with a layer or two of gesso, I liked the messy look so I let the brush run everywhere. Next I rummaged through the studio and my trinket box to find some pieces that would go well with the two central pieces – the resin flower and the wooden wow speech bubble. Ripped out a chunk of corrugated cardboard to form the base and left the edges torn and raw. Added on some trimmings and beads to fill the negative spaces. The butterfly swoosh trails are hot glue melted in swirls. Once everything was in place I glued it down and went over the pieces with two thick layers of Gesso. I love drying the gesso with a heat gun, the bubbly textures that form with over heating are some of my favorite design details. I sprayed Stephan Barnard Sprays in Tangerine and Banana and watered them down with a paint brush to get a water colored effect. Once dry I dabbed on some copper Marie acrylic paint and finished the project off with a layer of Matt Gel to seal everything in.


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