Vogue – Altered wooden box

It’s a long weekend break here in Pakistan and I thought I’d get some much needed craft room cleaning done. wpid-20150924_173508.jpg*Siigh*…I have realized thatย  I have the attention span of a monkey. I’m not entirely sure how my cleaning escapades turned into yet another altered project – although I have inkling that this shiny Versace belt buckle had a role to play.

As soon as I found the buckle I knew what it would become, the project had to be a fashion/ haberdashery inspired piece. Next a mini raid was conducted and i picked out sewing bits and bobs including metal bobbin, beads, old buttons, metal filigree, a discarded pieces of gorgeous lace.

The box was an old abandoned project, i had covered it in Rustoleum hammered finish Bronze but never really liked the outcome and had set it aside. I normally work with white Gesso, and had recently bought Black Gesso to experiment with, I decided the gold would go well with the black background – after adding the lace to the lid to add the texture the lid of the box was covered in black Gesso.


The embellishments went on next, played around with them a bit till I was happy. I liked the idea of contrast against the black background and so the embellishments I painted in White using Liquidtex White Acrylic paint. I dry brushed the buckle embellishment so that parts of it would remain gold.


The elements were then stuck on the lid and sealed in using DalerRowney Matt Gel. I went over the embellishments once more with Marie’s Gold Acrylic paint and gently dry brushed the pieces to leave a hint of gold behind. The inside of the box got a lick of Bright red with Marie’s Scarlet Acrylic paint.


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Cast Away…. – Mixed Media on glass

Hi there and welcome back to the blog…my obsession with mixed media and alter art continues, possibly growing stronger after all the appreciation a few experimental projects got from family and friends.

The inspiration for this project came from a request send in by a friend who had bought and extremely pretty clear trunk coffee table – she was looking for decorative altered bottles that could be placed inside the trunk as a show piece. The trunk and bottles kind of spun my mind off into the whole nautical/wash on shore direction. I had 20150920_113850recently done a gentleman’s club theme birthday for a friend’s son and had collected all sorts of ephemera as props for the decor – included in the prop stash were old liquor bottles. With my background in marketing ive always loved the detailing that goes into packaging design – the shapes, contours and typographic embossing that add up to designing liquor packaging.

So i started off by picking a bottle from the stash, I knew what i had in mind for the embellishments would be visually heavy so i chose a bottle that has less detailing on it. The bottle was placed under warm, the labels came away pretty easily – what was left behind i scrubbed off using a brush. I started off by applying two heavy coats of Gesso to the bottle – this will help give a nice texture to the background and will make sure that any paint applied to the bottle adheres properly. I love force drying Gesso in places with a heat gun – this lets me create random bubble texture in the background. I let the Gesso dry over night. I started off painting with my favorite palette of colors -greens blues and golds.

I used Marie’s Acrylic colors Yellowish Green (562), Green Pale (503), Cerulean Blue (455), Pathalo blue green (450) . I cut up a sponge to purpose as a dauber. Starting with the the lighter colors, i worked up from the base of the bottle and build on layer after layer of color. The greens went on first, then the lighter blues, followed by the dark blues and finally just a bit of black. I forced dried the paint in places as well to get more of the bubbling effect. The last two layers were gold, which was either dabbed on so it was reminiscent of sand sprayed on the shore or it was blended in and stretched it in stokes towards the neck of the bottle.




Next – the fun part, embellishments! The first to go on were a piece of rope and plastic trim that went all the around the bottle, i tied the rope at one end and let it hang, i thought it looked interesting. Next to go on were an array of shells, buttons, metal findings, coins and beads – i arranged the front to be visually heavier and the back of the bottle only has a small arrangement.ย  Once everything was in place, the heavier pieces were stuck down with hot glue and everything else i adhered using Matt Gel.ย  To get the washed out look i diluted Gesso and covered all the embellishments with it.

20150920_112439Once dry, the arrangement was dry brushed with Marie’s gold acrylic paint. For the neck of the bottle i covered the bottle cap with rope, which i ran Gesso over and then dry bushed with Gold acrylic paint. I added on a small button to the top that reminded me something that goes over a sailor’s uniform. Voila! the completed project ๐Ÿ™‚

20150920_112757 20150920_11240120150920_112740



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Mixed media: Note to self!

So I think I can officially say I’ve gone nuts mixed media-ing over everything and anything I can lay my hands on. Last weekend I was rummaging through some old boxes and found this funky orange hardback notebook (had probably bought during my “I was to collect notebooks” phase). The cover was dry brushed with a layer or two of gesso, I liked the messy look so I let the brush run everywhere. Next I rummaged through the studio and my trinket box to find some pieces that would go well with the two central pieces – the resin flower and the wooden wow speech bubble. Ripped out a chunk of corrugated cardboard to form the base and left the edges torn and raw. Added on some trimmings and beads to fill the negative spaces. The butterfly swoosh trails are hot glue melted in swirls. Once everything was in place I glued it down and went over the pieces with two thick layers of Gesso. I love drying the gesso with a heat gun, the bubbly textures that form with over heating are some of my favorite design details. I sprayed Stephan Barnard Sprays in Tangerine and Banana and watered them down with a paint brush to get a water colored effect. Once dry I dabbed on some copper Marie acrylic paint and finished the project off with a layer of Matt Gel to seal everything in.


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Hello! – with Mixed Media


Hope! Mixed media on canvas

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by the blog, i’ve been meaning to set one up for the longest time but never really came around to it. The-Desi-Crafter will be my online crafting escapades journal ๐Ÿ™‚

For the first post i’ll start off with the latest mixed media on canvas project that I completed. I started off by creating a layered vintage look with acrylic paints in pinks, magenta and white. Once i was satisfied with the background look i opened up my treasure stash of trimmings and findings and played around a bit. The central piece is the glass bottle, I had been a little under the weather the past week and this mixed media project was just what the doctor ordered ๐Ÿ™‚ It took a while, as i played around with bits and bobs and once everything looked in place, each piece was stuck down and covered nicely with white Gesso. I love the raw texture that Gesso provides to pieces like these. Also on the canvas are silicone butterflies that i made using my favorite butterfly mold and a exquisite gold metal elephant that fell off an old shoe! The project was completed by a light layer of dry brushing with acrylic paints in magenta, pink and metallic gold.

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